Open Ear

KhotinMichelle Helene MackenziePresented by New Forms Digital



August 2, 2020
15:00-17:00 PST
Lower Mainland, BC

Electronic music is, inherently, a practice that originates indoors, since it is dependent on the electronic equipment used to play and perform the music. However, many electronic music artists, especially in BC, cite the natural beauty of their surroundings as a major source of inspiration to their artistic practice. These influences find their way into productions and compositions, sometimes directly, as field recordings of natural soundscapes, and other times indirectly, through musical structures and elements following natural forms.

This project intends to reconnect the performers and their music with natural surroundings in a way that is intuitive and engaging for audiences online. To do so, we will produce a set of events in outdoor settings in Vancouver for digital audiences to view remotely.

Khotin is the recording project of Dylan Khotin-Foote, an electronic artist and part manager of label Normals Welcome originallt hailing from Edmonton, who has now become a part of Vancouver’s thriving underground landscape. Pioneering a unique blend of ambient and downtempo electronic storytelling, Khotin’s catalogue oscillates between propulsive and reflective—always pinned to plot points in his wistful compositional style, in which repeated listens reveal deeper layers of emotional complexity.

Michelle Helene Mackenzie is a writer and artist who works with sound, text and film. Mackenzie’s recent sound works have been performed and exhibited at The Western Front, 221A, Sunset Terrace, and Polygon Gallery. She has upcoming sound collaborations/commissions at Esker Foundation (Calgary) with Vanessa Brown, and at Malik (Hamburg) with Alison Yip. Her debut release All the Little Objectiles (ATLO), was released in the summer of 2018 via IsLa., and she has recently collaborated with Yu Su on a 2019 release on the Second Circle imprint.

Preview Artists

Michelle Helene Mackenzie


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Pixel Virtual Festival – BC spotlight Bass Coast

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