A Pet Parent’s Guide for Preventing Dog Arthritis

Most people often associate dog arthritis with senior canines or certain breeds, and they do not consider its possibility to younger ones. However, this is not true, as pets of any age and breed are susceptible to arthritis. This is why it’s important to hinder and prevent the impacts of dog arthritis, even in your pet’s puppyhood.

While dog arthritis can’t be reversed, it can be prevented. Please keep reading to see how you can be proactive against the mentioned pet condition and protect your pet from it.

5 Arthritis Prevention Tips for Dogs

Canine arthritis, also called osteoarthritis, is common in older pets but can also affect pups regardless of age. Like how humans with arthritis feel, the exact condition is agonizing for canines. However, your puppy doesn’t need to go through all that pain when you can prevent it in the first place. So listed below are five dog arthritis prevention ideas to keep your pet from going through that painful experience.

1. Exercise the right way

Pets need exercise, but the correct amount and type of exercise can ensure proper bone development. Running too much on hard surface areas can affect hip joints and impact bone growth if they’re loose. Consider exposing your dog to swimming as it’s an activity that is simple and healthy for the joints.

2. Address injuries immediately

Vets recommend treating suspected injuries immediately to prevent joint problems from developing as your pet ages. Canines that suffer fractures from accidents like being hit by cars or through physical activities might need forced rest, special treatment, or surgery to heal properly and healthily. You may check this link to see the common pet conditions that require surgery.

3. Keep their weight in check

According to most experts, canines with a lean body and good nutrition are essential aspects for preventing the advancement of arthritis. Excess weight can aggravate joint issues as it puts more pressure on their joints and bones. Additionally, obesity is associated with greater inflammation of a dog’s entire body and even puts them at risk of many life-threatening health issues.

But if your dog is already a victim of arthritis or joint problems before you can prevent it, considering vet acupuncture for addressing joint issues is a reliable way to alleviate the condition.

4. Feed a balanced diet

Regularly feeding your puppy a high-quality diet helps make sure proper nutrition. If in doubt and uncertain of what diet is suggested for your pet’s age, breed, and activity level, always consult your veterinarian. Feeding your pet the vet-recommended foods can prevent them from growing too rapidly. Rapid growth spurts usually result in early joint problems.

In addition to providing your pet with the best and balanced diet, consistently taking them to a Turlock veterinary clinic for their vaccinations and parasite prevention can help them stay healthy and away from common pet conditions.

You may browse the website of veterinarians for more detail on the importance of pet preventative care.

5. Give them supplements

Some studies proved that certain joint-supporting supplements could help enhance your pet’s joint health and restore lost cartilage, which can hold back the symptoms of canine arthritis. You may give your canine supplements that have chondroitin, glucosamine, and fish oil but ask for the vet-recommended choices and brand.

Even if you don’t see any symptoms of arthritis in your dog, giving them these supplements can help support and boost their joint health and even slow down or prevent the onset of the mentioned condition.