Correcting False Beliefs Regarding Cosmetic Dentistry

A few people publicly cover their teeth because they’re embarrassed to display them. Instead, they are aware of every smile they throw at someone else and always try to maintain a tight-lipped smile. However, many people are hesitant about cosmetic dental procedures because they fear being branded in vain or because they believe in one of the many myths about the procedure.

Cosmetic dentists employ artistic skills and scientific expertise for a stunning natural smile. Cosmetic dentistry is designed to maintain your smile sound and make you feel confident and at your best for as long as possible.

Facts About Cosmetic Dentistry

Despite the many benefits of cosmetic dental procedures, There are still many misconceptions regarding the procedure. Many myths stem from the awe-inspiring depths of cosmetic dentistry’s past, but technological advances have transformed this factual information into myths. Our goal is to dispel the common misconceptions that surround cosmetic dentistry.

1. Cosmetic procedures are only to enhance the appearance of your skin.

While we might call these procedures “cosmetic,” they can assist in improving or improving your oral health. Implant surgery for dental implants in Red Deer is a good example. It can aid in restoring your smile’s appearance by filling in gaps created due to missing teeth. But, it also serves a vital function by preventing any misalignment between the teeth of your neighbors, which could lead to various oral health issues.

2. Cosmetic dentistry can be expensive.

Most insurance plans cover a portion or all of the costs of a reconstructive cosmetic procedure. Due to advancements in technology for dental care, dentist Oakville can now perform procedures more efficiently, with less effort, and spend less on equipment. For instance, dentists can create and mill dental crowns at their offices. Patients can receive crowns in one visit without having to sacrifice durability.

However, the most significant aesthetic dental procedures can be expensive. This is why dentists now offer flexible financing options to ensure you get the smile you desire.

3. Teeth whitening can damage teeth.

There’s some truth in this myth. If you utilize the store-bought kits incorrectly or over time, they could cause serious harm to your teeth. The abrasive ingredients can damage enamel, making teeth more sensitive, worsening gum disease, and even killing beneficial microorganisms in your mouth. Additionally, they may cause yellow stains to your teeth if they do not conform to the contours of your teeth.

Professional dental whitening is more secure and efficient than strips of whitening bought at the drugstore. In-office bleaching of teeth is one of two options offered by the dentist. The first uses a gel that removes tooth stains when exposed to light, whereas the other option uses a custom tray that is used to

4. The teeth appear fake.

This could have been the case in the past. However, modern porcelain has achieved a surprising degree of similarity to natural teeth. There’s a broad range of shades available for these materials, which allows the creation of custom-made shades to complement your tooth’s shade. If you opt for crowns or veneers, your smile will appear healthy and radiant.

5. Cosmetic dentistry has remained the same.

In the last decades, cosmetic dentistry has had plenty of advancements. Dentists have access to more appealing and durable materials like dental crowns made of porcelain and tooth-colored fillings. Many dentists use laser scanners to take 3-D images of their patient’s teeth to create crowns that can be made on the same day instead of messy and unpleasant putties.

With the help of modern techniques for anesthesia, root canal procedures do not cause any discomfort for patients. Technology advancements have made dental procedures done by pediatric dentist Saskatoon simpler, shorter, more efficient, and more comfortable.